The Program

Sopela conecta: Further local development by making local trade and hospitality  business virtual

Sopela City Council, through its division of Employment and Economic Development, has set in motion "Sopela Conecta", a campaign and pilot program that looks to maximize the geolocation, improve internet exposure, and promote hotelier and hospitality business in the region. The campaign is designed to create virtual tours that will allow interested parties to visit the attached business from their computers or mobile devices.

The Reality.
Every day more people access to establishments and consumer services from their computers, smart phones or tablets. Through these online mediums, business are able to effectively present their locations, offer products and services, and promote themselves with prospective and existing clients. Small business tend to encounter high marketing costs for their products and services to be successfully promoted throughout a significant geographical territory. Thus, geolocation and the creation and upload of virtual tours becomes an unattainable added cost making these local businesses unable to access, through their own means, the advantages offered by online tools such as Google Trusted or Google My Business

The Opportunity.
The unfolding of new technologies entails, without any doubt, an opportunity to attract new clients, the improvement in consumer acquisition strategies through online tools, and the successful positioning in online networking.

The Bet
Through this pilot program, The Division of Employment and Economic Development makes available to its local shareholders in the hotelier and hospitality sector, an innovative tool that will be of use in their development, without any cost on their own. The business participating in the program will have their own virtual tour in the Google My Business platform, for anybody in the world to see.

Employment and Economic Development